It was the day before first day of season one of the voice, Christina was at her house wondering why the fuck did she agree to be a judge on that show knowing that Adam would be doing it too, it would be a nightmare. She just can’t stop thinking about the last time she saw him… a lot of years ago… In high school, she couldn’t believe they used to be boyfriends! He’s such an asshole now..  he’s always been an asshole. But she do not want to cry herself to sleep one more night so she stopped thinking about it and tried to watch TV or something but it was really hard.


Adam was at his apartment staring at the ceiling wanting to undo some things. A thousand of “What if” came to his mind… even though it wasn’t all on him, it was Christina’s fault too … but he felt guilty as hell and he missed her as well. He still couldn’t believe that she was doing it, doing the show… even if she had to have him around, what does this mean? She doesn’t care about me? She forgot who I am and what I did? Or she just misses me? Yes, sure! The last one only in my dreams. He thought.



The next day Christina got up earlier than ever, being late was the last thing she wanted for the first day, so she was already getting ready, first she chose the dress… it took her like an hour to be sure what dress to wear, the rest was easy, just matching shoes and accessories … at last hair and makeup of course and she was ready to go, she doesn’t know why took her so long to be ready, usually she wore whatever… but, even though she just wanted to deny it she was so damn nervous… she wanted Adam to be like “why did I let her go?” and with an *youlookamazing* face. Just to let him know she was better than ever!

It was the perfect hour, she wasn’t too early but wasn’t late either. She found the perfect parking lot but someone parked his car before , just in front of her face, she just couldn’t believe it. Seconds later the sexiest man ever seen,  got out of the car, it was Adam, in the second she realized it was him she felt an electric thing rolling down her spine, and she just pretended to be talking in the phone and doing some stuff like she was the busiest person on earth, pretending she didn’t even notice him.

Adam was listening some music by the beatles when he arrived to the studio, parked fast in the first parking lot he saw before someone could used it , someone in a very expensive car he thought.. it could be this guy… blake.. blake… blake something. Adam  just got out of the car and when he sees Christina, his heart just started a race… he saw her staring al him and then pretending to be talking in the phone, that make him smile, she was so perfect and he was such an idiot, perfect now I just stole her parking lot… “Good start Adam” “fuck should have bought a brain instead  of this car”, Christina looked  up to see if he was already inside the studio but Adam was just standing there, staring at her.. Their eyes met and she just let her phone slip out of her hand, Christina couldn’t believe she was feeling this way again, after all of those years, she turned  off her car, there in the middle of the street, got out of the car and stayed there looking al the ground for a few seconds, she looked up and approaches to Adam, he was stunned, his eyed couldn’t believe what was happening.. was she walking towards him? Why she is doing it? He definitely wasn’t expecting this. Christina stare at him just a few meters apart with the most confused face she had,  Adam’s heart was expecting her to say something but nothing came out of her mouth so, he just…


Christina’s eyes looked up, right at his eyes trying to find an answer for something that happened so many years ago, and  he says “Hi” wtf, he deserves to be killed. She just stayed that way a few minutes. Adam starts walking towards her with the loveliest face,  he grab a curl of her hair and smells it, she smelled different.. she smelled like her but with some kind of man perfume,  “does she have a boyfriend? Is it Jordan? She’s back with him?” he remembered very well how much he cried when she got married, but now there she was with her beautiful blue eyes in front of him, he put his hand on her face and inclines his face towards hers just millimeters  away.

-W-what are you-u doing? –asked Christina softly-

- I don’t know…

-I think you’re looking for your death, ‘cause I’m going to kill you if you touch me again -Christina takes a few steps back-

Everything was so quiet, it’s like the craziness of  the city stopped to hear them breathing, Adam’s thoughts were far away… right in the moment they broke up. In the moment she broke up with him… he felt his world crash one again like it was happening at this moment, then he bury his thoughts, starts walking towards her until he is almost touching her, oh god, how he missed her hair, her skin, her everything, and when she was about to move back he just whisper…

 -I’ve been barely living since you left me… so… It wouldn’t be much different


next time my sister post something from me it would be the part two of both fanfic. just for you to know, when t epost is mine I always sign with an xo.becca, my real name is rebecca but you can call me Becca :3 I like most. well I hope you enjoy it. please let me know if you want me to continue. xo.becca!