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it was the first day of shooting the second season of the voice, the first one was a nightmare for Christina and Adam, they just hate each other without a doubt, she thought he was an asshole since the day he started dating her best friend, and she hated him even more when they split, her friend was destroyed and he seemed not to even care! He’s an idiot.

Adam was thinking almost the same… it was horrible the first season but he was sure it would be better this season, he would go and talk to Christina today, ask her for forgiveness, he knows she was rough all the season and it was his fault but, it was just that he couldn’t stop remembering his ex girlfriend seeing Christina. He kind of missed her since they’d been apart but he knew it was for the best. Anyway he’s just going there and says “hey, I’m sorry, let’s start again!” and with a little bit of luck he would be fine.

Christina arrived to the studio looking stunning, red dress with the lowest neckline ever! The guys are going wild for sure! But, she wanted it to be a surprise so he wore a jacket,  she headed up stairs to see the guys sitting in the couches messing around, she goes towards them and say hello

-Big brother! *hugging Blake* I missed you so much!

-oh I missed you too!

-Cee!! *running towards Cee lo* how’s the funniest man in the building doing?

-fine! How’s my pretty lady?

-oh I’m perfectly fine! *she says ending the hug*

-hi *says adam*

-oh… Hi Adam *giving him a fake smile* well guys I’m going to my trailer to you know, let my people do their magic!

And she goes away, the guys make fun of themselves for  few minutes and Adam decides it’s time to do what he has to do… so he excuses himself with a lame excuse and goes to xtina’s trailer, he knock at the door and came in. Christina’s eyes went wild when she saw him.

-oh, Mr. Levine! What a surprise to see you here.

-hmm, Christina… can we talk? Please… *estrange face*

-sure *seeing his face and start thinking* leave us alone please, 5 minutes *says to the hair and makeup people* alright, we’re alone now… what’s wrong?

-hmm it’s just that I wanted to say sorry for all that happened on the last season..

- are you trying to like me so you can be with Candice again? *her best friend name*

-what? No! I’m just trying to do things right! And make things more comfortable for everybody this season.

-I can’t believe it! You’re saying sorry! *smirk on her face*

-yes, I am. Buy I’ll stop if you keep making fun of me. This is hard for me girl…

-I was just teasing with you! Your face is so funny! *she laughs hard*

Adams turn away and walks towards the door ready to leave when Christina grabs his arm, he felt something weird going on but he forgot it when Christina took her hand away and said

-I’m sorry too… I was pretty bad with you too… I think we can start all over and… at least try to be friends, like you aren’t the ex boyfriend of my bf.

-that would be great! ‘Cause I think you hate me because of her.

-yes but, since I LOVE to tease you…

-I can tease you too

-you’ll never be better than me!

-oh it’s on baby IT’S ON.

They were laughing hard when the makeup artist return and said that the show must start in a few minutes so Adam leaves and she do her thing with Christina. she ended up looking like the most beautiful-sexy-singer ever. She was sure her new friend Adam would be amazed and she was hoping for it. Yes, weird was the perfect word to explain she wanting the ex boyfriend of her bf to be amazed and think she’s hot. Even though, he already thinks that. Anyway… she headed down stairs and arrives to the big red chairs where Blake and Cee were talking, before sitting on it she takes off the jacket.

Adam barely can see the red chairs when he sees miss xtina taking off her jacket. “Oh Fuck” he thought “maybe I’ll need that jacket to hide the thing going on down here” he almost fell down stairs staring at her. Oh and she knew it… she felt his eyes scanning head to toe, so she sits in the chair and watches him sit in his. The show started and the first thing Carson did was asking the crowd and the other judges what the thought about the *low-low-low-lowest-neckline-ever* dress of Christina. Cee lo said

“Damn girl, you’re about to find a boyfriend in the crowd, I mean, who wouldn’t marry you on this dress?”

Adam cuts him off  “well… marriage isn’t the first thing coming to my mind seeing her in that dress” the crowd gone wild.. Even Christina was shocked, she blushed at the second  “maybe the second” an “aww” came out of the audience and the blind auditions started.