If you could trade voices with another judge, who would it be?


This happened today in Venezuela, in a peaceful protest carried out by college students in various cities across the country.

The demonstration was met with violence from the Venezuelan Armed Forces, the Government Police and armed groups. Two students were killed by gunshots, and many other were injured.

The media completely ignored the violent response towards the students, because all of our national TV channels are under control of the government.

Our own government is killing us, either with hunger or violence. Please, reblog. We need help in Venezuela!

besides that, the only international channel interested in our situation (NTN24) was taken off by directv & Movistar by orders of our goverment, in youtube you can see videos of the murders and it saddens me to see the national army standing in there, doing nothing. 

So far we have three students killed & lots of injuries.

I can’t even begin to describe how this feels… awful day today in Venezuela.

damn the soldier to lift weapons against his people - Simon Bolivar

Please pray for us.



I found this pic on Instagram posted by nbcthevoice and these are the comments to it.

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the hand

someone comented on my other post and I realized this was true :D

I know, I’m obsessed w Adamtina 

I Am - Bionic - Christina Aguilera

Love me or leave me 
Just take it or leave 
It’s not that I’m needy 
Just need you to see me 

Lucky Strike - Overexposed - Maroon 5

You’re such an instigator, you wanna play the game 
Take it or leave it, that’s her, that’s her 
And I can’t wait another minute 
I can’t take the look she’s giving 

This Love - Songs About Jane - Maroon 5

I’ll fix these broken things
Repair your broken wings
And make sure everything’s alright
My pressure on her hips
Sinking my fingertips
Into every inch of you
Cause I know that’s what you want me to do

Infatuation - Stripped - Christina Aguilera 

Steals my heart when he takes my hand
And we dance to the rhythm of the band
I feel his fingertips grip my hips
And I slip as we dip into a state of bliss


Before The Voice

I love Christina Aguilera

I love Adam Levine

After The Voice

OMG I Love Adamtina

Adam should pick Christina to be his mentor this season. Then, they would definitely be Team Adamtina.

I’ve been dreaming about this since season 5 eneded!!

God make it happen please! 

I’ll be the one if you want me to

Adam Levine + Anne V

100+(All the moments I can find) Adamtina moments

100+15- Adam defending xtina, the perfect gentleman

100+16- the very first Adamtina moment

100+17- teasing

100+18- Adam putting his hand around Christina’s back. I ADORE this pic

100+19- Ceelo saying he’s like a tree in a bottle

Guys I’m truly sorry if I already posted one of this moments! It’s getting impossible to remember wich ones to post!! 

Me: Shakira Is like you’re BEGGING me to hate you!



can’t be normal

yes, reblogging my own post…. Sorry guys I just adore Adam 

btw… Still not normal

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Best couple ever